Welcome to the very own web site of all Mandinka speakers


JawaraJammeh2006.jpgThis site gathers Mandinka speakers from all four corners of the earth to read the news, exchange ideas and share information. It connects 1.5 million Mandinkas in The Gambia, Senegal and Guinea-Bissau with those brothers and sisters, who have left Africa in order to find greener pastures in terms of work or education. There are already tens of thousands Mandinka speakers in USA and number of Europeans countries.

These sites are produced in The Gambia, where Mandinka is the most widely spoken language. 45 % of the Gambians speak Mandinka as their first language and additional 25 % as their second language. The coordinator of the sites is WEC International, Mandinka Literacy Department. We want to encourage everybody to store information is his own language. We need your contribution to improve the sites. Our aim is development and constructive dialog. Come along – contact us.
28092006_153000_0.jpgLatest news,

like most of the other pages are exclusively in Mandinka. However, the introduction is given in number of other languages which you can use when contacting us.

Read and write Mandinka

To read Mandinka is not too difficult. You can make yourself familiar with its rules and special features here.

Mandinka alphabets include the special characters shown on the upper line below. Some of them are here replaced with letters shown on the lower line.

 Ñ ñ  Ng ng  N`n` M`m` Ì ì  à

This is done in all pages except the ones in PDF-format in order to make sure, that the text appears clearly in all computers.

If you want to download mandinka-fonts to your computer, you can do that  here.